BoT Logo II

My name in Vincent J. Tedesco III and I am a candidate for an elected Alumni position on the Pennsylvania State University’s Board of Trustees in the 2014 election cycle.

If elected, I will work with other reform-minded Trustees to bring leadership, transparency, and accountability back to the governance of the Pennsylvania State University. For three generations, my family has cultivated a deep and abiding love for our university and its traditions. Like many of you, I was profoundly shaken by the events of November 2011 and by the mismanagement that brought about those dark days and continues to divide our community. Before we can move forward together, I believe we must secure our foundation and that demands action along six lines of effort (be sure to read my full platform):
    Nearly 26 years of military service taught me a great deal about leadership, planning and courage and I am confident that with your support, I can bring that experience to bear on the challenges that face our University. I am not intimidated by either power or position and I promise to be a tireless and vocal advocate for reform. I will speak truth to power on your behalf and endeavor to keep the Alumni informed and engaged in the governance of Old State.

    Timeline for the 2014 Election:
    • 15 January - Board of Trustees Nomination Window Opens
    • 25 February - Board of Trustees Nomination Window Closes
    • 25 February - Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship (PS4RS) Candidate Questionnaire Response Due - Read my response
    • 1 March – PS4RS Endorsement Selection Committee Announces Top 6 candidates.
    • 7 or 8 March - PS4RS will host and record a Town Hall meeting with the Top 6 candidates, moderated by PS4RS board member Spencer Niles. • 10-14 March - PS4RS Primary Election
    • 17 March - PS4RS Endorsements Published
    • 10 April - Board of Trustees Election Ballots Sent Out
    • 10 April – 8 May voting
    • 9 May – results announced